29 Best Useful Services To Protect Your Business

We have reviewed and collected useful services which can help to protect your business.

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Password Manager for Business Use. Comparing Premises vs. Cloud Deployment

Choosing between SaaS and on-premises deployment can be a critical business decision. If nothing else, it can have a huge impact on the business recovery and resilience capabilities of the organization. Reasons for choosing either one, still, varies business by business. Some essential questions that can be helpful when considering which one to choose are listed below.

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8 Things You Should Consider Before Selecting A Corporate Password Manager

Large enterprises generally have policies that request their employees to use strong passwords. However, since it’s easier to remember short passwords, many employees go against the policies and pick weak passwords. A policy isn’t much of a help here.

What does work though, is a corporate password manager. It forces users to select only strong passwords that cannot be broken down easily. With the right technology in place, you can avoid a hacking incident.

While a corporate password manager can choose passwords for you, how do you choose the right password manager for business? Here are some tips for you to get the best software for your enterprise.

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Application Design: Data-driven vs Domain-driven

Information technology is developing by leaps and bounds. There are new devices, platforms, operating systems, and a growing range of problems, which need to be solved by developers.

But, it's not so bad—new development tools, IDEs, new programming languages, methodologies, etc., rush to help programmers. The list of programming paradigms is impressive, and with the modern multi-paradigm PL (e.g., C#), it is reasonable to ask: "What is the best way to handle it? What to choose?”

Let's try to figure this answer out.

Market segmentation

Positioning is an important aspect.

Positioning is so important that, if this stage is skipped, all other efforts of promotion of the product could be ruined. Good positioning should be short, clear and understandable. Therefore, it is often described in one sentence, or is made to fit in a tweet. Positioning should be directly related to the main problem that the product will solve for the users.

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Team Password Manager for Enterprise

Big companies and government organizations have different accesses (passwords) and they have to be sure that password or key to company’s server is not depend on employees.

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Team Password Manager for Small Company

Any web studio has a lot of passwords for CMS, hosting panels, ftp, etc. They have to get and send passwords to their customers and be sure that a programmer will never lose customer’s password.

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What is Growth Hacking

After initializing their first releases or MVP (first minimal product-release), startups are faced with the challenge of promoting and marketing on the Internet. If they do this through Yandex or Google AdWords, a single click designed to attract customers can cost $1 or more, and the cost of publishing a single article onto a popular media site can be more than $ 1,000 per campaign. New startups, even when heavily propped-up investment-wise, and enjoying huge financial backing, cannot afford to walk on such a grand and costly scale.

Or they can, but here is a well-established fact: all funds are consolidated only after a couple of months; whether there were any sales or not, and they ran out of money for further product development.

Very often, startup beginners say: "We do not know how much we need for marketing. How do we evaluate this?", or: "We need ten million on marketing, hmm, no, let's make it twenty ...".

Then, they quickly start buying ads and spending money in vain, and slowly begin to realize that marketing is one hell of a very expensive endeavor. You may have a great product, everyone may like it, everyone may be dying to use it, but then, it is necessary to spend a lot of money on advertising. Well, afterwards, they start looking for an investment specifically for marketing.

So, rounding up: marketing and promotion of IT-startups on the Internet proves to be expensive, unclear and unpredictable.


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